Long Llama Studio

Working at the intersection of AI and education.

Long Llama Studio focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence and education to create innovative learning experiences. We have developed a suite of AI-driven products that cater to diverse educational needs.

Prof Pi

Prof Pi is an AI math tutor accessible through WhatsApp. Inspired by the Socratic method, Prof Pi engages learners in a dialogic process to help them grasp mathematical concepts. Instead of simply providing answers, Prof Pi assists students in discovering solutions on their own, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

For a demo, send demo to +27 72 246 4256 on WhatsApp.

Java Tutor

Java Tutor is an AI-driven tutoring platform designed to facilitate the learning of Java programming. Accessible a web interface Java Tutor employs the Socratic method to guide users through the complexities of Java. By encouraging active participation and problem-solving, Java Tutor helps learners build a strong foundation in programming.

Contact herman@longllamastudio.com for any additional information or potential partnerships.